Sunday, 3 April 2011

Samantha Robinson ceramics

For my birthday I serendipitously received several porcelain pieces by the talented Sydney based ceramicist Samantha Robinson. Three couples bought me vessels from her collection!  I love them all and as they are handmade each is unique.

The two vases (or illuminators if you place a candle in them) are similar in construction but have very different patterning.  One is Samantha Robinson's signature style, a detailed leaf design in charcoal that will work perfectly with fresh flowers.  The other vase is a limited edition piece that was commissioned by the Historic Houses Trust and is based on a fantastic 1930s French wallpaper design.

I was also given a beautiful tea set.  The teapot is red with dragons and a characterful Indian cow amongst spiral designs and two teacups, one blue the other green to compliment it.

These stunning creations will be ever treasured by me forever.

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