Friday, 1 April 2011

Hong Kong

Today was the day we left on our adventure last year. It was such a wonderful experience for Ad & I. We had the most fabulous four months traveling and discovering new places and cultures together.

However we can't drop everything and do such a big trip again so I am going to relive our adventures by flicking through pics and thinking of what I would like to experience next time. Here I go...

Our first stop was Hong Kong.

The bustle of Hong Kong was magnetic; neon signs, rickety open trams, scrumptious food and markets were wonderful.

Next time
♥ Aim to have a little more room in my luggage to do a bit of shopping in SoHo.
♥ Wander through the squishy bric-a-brac shops where all sorts of treasures can be found.
♥ Sail Victoria Harbour on a Junk at dusk.
♥ Travel to The Peak on a day that isn't foggy to see the view.

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